Video Camera Accessories

Stay focused on the action with Canon compatible camcorder accessories.

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Canon VL-5 Video Light

The VL-5 is perfect for when you need that extra amount of light

DKK 960,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon BP-727 Battery Pack

Shoot for even longer with this high capacity intelligent lithium ion battery, that tells you exactly how much battery charge you have left.

DKK 1.110,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon TL-H58 Teleconverter Lens

The Canon Tele-converter TL-H58 allows your camcorder to capture more detail in far away subjects

DKK 2.800,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon UA-100 USB Adapter Cable

The UA-100 USB adaptor lets you connect your external HDD disk drive to your LEGRIA camcorder, perfect for when you need to back up footage and preserve your memories.

DKK 160,00

Canon STV-250N Stereo Video Cable

Playback your footage by connecting your camcorder with this Stereo Video Cable to the stereo audio and video playback on your TV

DKK 160,00

Canon BP-820 Battery Pack

  • Rechargeable, spare battery
  • Lithium-ion technology
  • Small and lightweight
DKK 750,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon SS-600 Shoulder Strap

This rugged shoulder strap gives you added security with leather reinforced attachments and is convenient for hands free transportation

DKK 240,00

Canon WS-20 Wrist Strap

This comfortable and convenient wrist strap attaches to your camcorder to provide an even greater sense of security while you shoot video

DKK 240,00

Canon WL-D89 Wireless Remote Control

The WL-D89 lets you operate your camcorder wirelessly

DKK 120,00

Canon CTC-100 Component Video Cable

With this component cable you can stream your HD video, on your HDTV

DKK 560,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon CG-700 Battery Charger

The CG-700 is an accessory for charging your batteries without your camcorder

DKK 800,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon WA-H58 Wide Attachment Lens

0.75 Wide-angle lens attachment for the Canon XF200/205 and XA20/25

DKK 3.920,00

Eligible for free delivery

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Choose compatible camcorder accessories like high speed cable, cases, lights and lenses, to ensure the performance you expect from your Canon camcorder.