Compact Digital Cameras

A compact digital camera can range from simple, point-and-shoot bodies for straightforward photography, to complex DSLR alternatives with a large sensor. Don’t be fooled by a smaller body, Canon compact cameras carry powerful lenses for high-quality photography.

Discover our range of Canon compact digital cameras, which includes versatile bridge cameras, superzoom’s and more.

Introducing our new pocketable vlogging solution in Powershot V10. With a built in microphone and stand, the flip touch screen enables you to shoot on the go. Achieve high image quality and live streaming to social media platforms with ease.

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Innovative Canon technologies ensure beginners through to experts can find their perfect compact digital camera.

While a point-and-shoot camera is great for beginners, large sensor compacts can be used as an accompaniment to a DSLR. Our superzoom cameras get you closer to the action, while bridge cameras feature DSLR-standard zoom, grip and control.

A popular Canon compact camera is the PowerShot ZOOM. The PowerShot ZOOM is small enough to fit in your pocket and has a maximum focal length of 400mm, meaning it can capture things your smartphone can’t. Find the PowerShot ZOOM in white and black.