Observe, monitor and enjoy Canon binoculars. Our wide range of versatile binos can satisfy hobbyists through to industry professionals. Find your perfect Canon binoculars, including birdwatching binoculars, stargazing binoculars and premium binoculars such as the Canon 10x42L IS WP Binocular model.

View our new pocket-sized super zoom Canon PowerShot Zoom camera, a great choice for families enjoying outdoor activities, wildlife and birdwatching.

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Canon 10x20 IS Binoculars

  • Compact, lightweight and portable binoculars at just 430g
  • 10x magnification – ideal for travel, wildlife and spectator sports
  • Image Stabilizer for enhanced comfort and clarity when viewing
DKK 4.590,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon 12x32 IS Binoculars

  • Get 12x closer to sports, birds and wildlife with clarity, stability and comfort
  • Steady handheld viewing with Standard and Powered Image Stabilizer
  • Easy to spot and identify subjects with precision optics
DKK 11.850,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon 10x32 IS Binoculars

  • High-quality compact binoculars that get you 10x closer to nature and sports
  • Image Stabilizer keeps image steady even when viewing from a moving vehicle
  • Wide field of view and bright image means you see more of your subject
DKK 11.440,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon 12x36 IS III Binoculars

  • Powerful compact zoom binoculars with 12x magnification
  • Rubber eyecups reduce eye strain
  • Perfect for the everyday, including birdwatching, travel and spectator sports
DKK 8.149,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon 10x30 IS II Binoculars

  • 10x magnification is great for sports, travel, birdwatching and more
  • Rubber eyecups and fingertip control make these comfortable to use
  • Built-in optical Image Stabilizer keeps view steady – even from a moving vehicle
DKK 5.399,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon 10x42L IS WP Binoculars

  • Super stable field of view with the Image Stabilizer
  • Waterproof¹ binoculars and tough for extreme weather conditions
  • Premium L-series, bright 10x binoculars
DKK 15.700,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon 15x50 IS All Weather Binoculars

  • Built to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Comfortable, rugged build quality
  • Spot your subject easily with a wide field of view
DKK 12.599,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon 18x50 IS Binoculars

  • Get 18x closer for ultra-high magnification and stability
  • Image Stabilizer for a steady view – even from moving vehicles
  • Spot subject easily thanks to a wide field of view
DKK 14.149,00

Eligible for free delivery

Canon binoculars are designed differently from the rest. They are the only range in which all models feature Image Stabilizer technology, meaning that despite high magnification, your view is always sharp and still. State-of-the-art Canon optics include Porro prism and a Super Spectra coating that enhances resolution and colour.

All Canon binoculars have a robust, durable design. Added features such as rubber eyecups can reduce eye fatigue, while innovative controls are ergonomic and comfortable to use. The range features some certified all weather and waterproof models that are superb for harsh weather conditions.

Find binos for any, all-day challenge, including birdwatching, nature, sports, theatre, concerts and more.