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The best portraits are relaxed and effortless - capturing the personality of the subject and essence of the day without force or rigidity. From natural group shots to professional portraits, every shoot is different: style, environment and lighting are paramount for beautiful results, and the right equipment lets you explore and nurture your abilities. Take a look through our guide and find the best portrait lens and camera kit to suit you.





1. Learn to pose

How your subject poses will change the composition of your portrait. Make time to try different poses and facial expressions, find the style that fits the shoot.

2. Explore every angle

Try and see your subject from different angles, stand above them or shoot from the ground – get up close or take some steps back for more creative framing.

3. The magic of daylight

Natural light adds the most beautiful effect to your portraits. The best natural light is early morning and early evening, just before dusk. Be wary of shooting in bright sunlight or you'll need to consider exposure adjustments.

4. Eye contact

The direction of your subject’s eyes can change the style and impact of your image. For a different outcome ask them to focus their attention outside the field of view, or at someone else within the frame.

5. Understand DP RAW vs JPG files

Whilst the standard JPG file format works well for immediate results, for in depth work, shooting in DP RAW allows you to enlarge or edit your portrait much easier before printing, without compromising the original.

6. Edit for impact

The best thing about digital photography is the power to edit and enhance your images. Use photography software like Canon Digital Photo Professional – provided with all EOS cameras – for editing and re-touching your portraits.

7. Talk to your subject

For the most natural behavior and comfortable expressions, spend some time with your subject, getting to know them before the session and make them feel secure in front of the camera.

8. Never stop learning

Start to grow your skills with the Canon Companion app. It delivers personalised content, challenges and inspiration to guide and grow with you on your photography journey.

9. Find the right location

Spend time researching a location for your shoot. What scene are you trying to set? Ensure your background and environment work with your subject and reflect the desired mood.

10. Don’t be afraid to get close

It might feel unnatural to get up-close and personal with your subject, but a tightly cropped image can often be the most powerful. Experiment with cropping out the background as you edit a headshot, see if you prefer it.

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