3 in 1 Printers

A 3 in 1 printer from Canon can improve workflow, productivity and reliability. Home offices, offices and more can complete a wide range of tasks from one printer, including printing, scanning and copying.

Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity lets you print anywhere from any compatible device, which improves workflow, security and efficiency. Discover your perfect 3 in one printer.

View our new Maxify refillable multifunction printers in GX3050 and GX4050, perfect for small offices looking to raise efficiency and increase productivity.

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A printer scanner copier will improve workflow because they are easy-to-use, reliable and fast. Great for improving productivity within any small office and business, a 3 in 1 printer lets employees complete a range of tasks from one device.

Another benefit of a 3 in 1 printer is wireless and cloud connectivity. This always employees to print from any compatible device, anywhere in the world. Users can also safely access shared files on the cloud.

At Canon, a 3 in 1 printer is popular among professional photographers, designers and artists, and among students and families, as a range of choices, models and ranges leaves a printer for everyone.